Advent Tea

Thank you for being part of the Advent tradition with us these years. Your generous support in the past is appreciated.  In lieu of an Advent Tea this year, in Lake Country and Mequon, we would like to share this special prayer with you:

An Advent Prayer

Loving God,
At this holy season, quiet our hearts and prepare us for the celebration of the birth of your Son.
Bless our comings and goings with peace and joy. Focus our thinking and our doing in loving ways that reflect your love.
Make us instruments of justice and mercy to our families, friends and community.
Trusting in your promise to be with us,

We know how much you have appreciated this blessed time of quiet and reflection in the past. It is our hope that you will continue this preparation in your own personal way!

Blessings of peace and joy this Christmas season,
Marion Heinz, Maripat Dalum, Becky Ramirez, Nancy Anderson, Peggy Mulligan, Betsy Olson, Linda Stolz